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Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. is an information mining, aggregation, and predictive analytics services company. We provide Intelligence Amplifiers, or machine augmented intelligence, designed to support human Sensemaking, to retrofit existing data fusion systems, in a remarkably different way. Trained analysts and researchers can obtain new knowledge and extract hidden connections from the massive amounts of information from which they must produce useful analyses.

We build and host custom Intelligent Software Agents which at the core are driven by SISMATM (Savant Intelligence Servo Mechanical Automaton/Agent) focusing mainly on applications in science, technology, economic forecasting, business, and world literature, hosting these custom applications in a shared multi-media secure environment, providing Middleware Solutions in a variety of platforms.

We also on a case-by-case custom basis, mine and fuse content-rich textual materials that contain photos, maps, and diagrams into geographical information system (GIS) interfaces, providing a multiplicity of data resources for all kinds of contingency studies, strategic planning and development, mapping, and spatial analysis. We call this Smart GeoData-Referencing.

We have merged intelligence amplification and artificial intelligence methodology with dynamic spatial analysis and mapping, opening the door to an entirely new approach to critical analysis and planning.

At the forefront of mission critical intelligent information technology and strategic computing applications since 1986, we create and maintain upstream detection research environments which support experts who must remain in the decision-making loop, a complex forecasting and problem-solving capability.

Mnemotrix (that's with a silent 'M'), means "mind facilitation agent".
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