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Intelligence Support Services
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Intelligence Support Services

We offer Intelligence Support Services to Israel startups. Mnemotrix has 30 years of experience, our own seasoned executive research team, and our own systems, methodology, and network.

Our work and the services we provide:

  • Market Intelligence

  • Upstream Detection Intelligence Forecasting (Five-Day ForecastTM using SISMA - Savant Intelligence Servo-Mechanical Agent/Automaton)

  • Plaintiff Work in Class Action Warfare and Defensive Counter Measures to In-House Counsel

  • SpotlightTM Strategic Situational Reporting

  • LanternTM Cyber Security Pattern Prediction to give your company or group that additional edge

  • Individual Intent Analysis: BigData and Social Media Mining, Fusion, and Aggregation - Research and Middleware

  • Custom Research Assignments

  • Custom Hosted Research Databases

  • Placing Disruptive Technology

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